One Planet – Faculty Training

One Planet LogoWith generous support from Merryl Brown and the Weiss Foundation, we are helping faculty infuse sustainability into their existing curriculum. The growing concern of our students for the state of the world provides ample motivation and creates numerous opportunities to infuse relevant and stimulating material into our courses. The One Planet Faculty Fellows Program is based on the belief that community transformation can begin in the classroom, a space where students and faculty can historically and philosophically examine traditional and alternative ways of being, living, and understanding in every discipline. This program brings together faculty from across campus to develop curriculum that directly examines how their discipline interacts with environmental and social issues and how their curriculum can be part of a larger solution. We will also provide online resources to make this process efficient and convenient for faculty and students.

Selected Faculty Fellows attend a seminar where we discuss the challenging state of our environment and how every discipline has a role to play in turning these challenges into opportunities. Each faculty member works to find a way to bring these complex issues into their course(s). At the completion of the program faculty meet, share some food, and discuss their successes and challenges. We have found that this program not only creates engaging course work for students it also provides a rare opportunity for faculty to get together and discuss pedagogy and pressing global and academic concerns. Faculty Fellows are also provided scholarships and encouraged to participate in targeted activities (i.e., symposiums, lectures, community outreach events, social gatherings, etc.) that support dialogue and avenues for positive environmental and social change.

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