The Student Sustainability Coalition Wins Award for Student Engagement!

The Student Sustainability Coalition has initiated or supported sustainability projects at SBCC for 13 years. Their efforts have been instrumental in decreasing waste and increasing diversion to recycling and composting, decreasing the number of cars coming to campus, providing more vegetarian and vegan meal options and sourcing from local organic farms, installation of solar on campus, and conversion of lawn to more sustainable landscaping including a food producing permaculture garden. The club efforts also contributed to the development of the District Sustainability plan approved in 2014. In all of these efforts that have worked with staff, faculty, and administration.

A lasting accomplishment is incorporating sustainability into the SBCC curriculum. The club created ENVS 200: Projects in Sustainability in 2005 where student groups develop and implement projects that make the campus or community more sustainable. To date, more than 100 projects have been completed.

The fact is, the very word sustainability was not part of the conversation or vocabulary of SBCC before the SSC started (2003). They attended Board meetings and educated the campus leadership about the benefits. Their successes showed the campus how making the campus more sustainable is great training for students and beneficial to campus operations.

In recognition of these efforts and the long history of engagement at every level of college culture the SSC was awarded the Leadership Award for Student Engagement at the Community College Level by Green California.

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